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4 Things to Keep in Mind as You Are Designing Your Business Sign

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When it comes to your business, marketing is important. However, there are various types of ways that you can market your business, and some are more expensive than others. For example, TV advertising can cost quite the pretty penny, but various forms of print advertising are more affordable—and they may even be more effective. Store signs can be quite effective at luring in potential customers, but you need to make sure that you know how to make an impact with your sign. Read More»

How to Rent a Garage

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With space being at a premium in many metro (and even suburban) areas, renting a garage in your home is an idea for making extra cash with a space that may be currently underutilized. The ideas below will help you get started in creating and marketing a space that renters will love. Who Will You Rent To? A variety of people may be interested in your garage as a rental space. Read More»

3 Critical Compensation Structure Processes To Implement

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The strategies you use to develop a compensation guideline for your company is a critical part of a successful operation. In addition to ensuring you stay within your budgeted range, these strategies can also help lure high-quality talent. Ensure you know which strategies to implement for your company to stay on top. Salary Range Guidelines Start your efforts by establishing a salary range for each title within your organization based on budget, demand, and responsibility of the role. Read More»