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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner

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While it's natural to experience sexual lulls and ruts in a long-term relationship, it's also something to proactively work on. In fact, many studies have shown a strong correlation between sexual satisfaction and overall relationship happiness. By prioritizing your sex life with your partner and actively seeking to spice things up, you will improve overall feelings of intimacy, connection, and happiness in the relationship. Here are five ideas for spicing up your sex life with your long-term partner:

Incorporate Adult Toys

Sex toys can make it easier for women to orgasm while also adding novelty and excitement to a long-term sexual relationship. These days, it's easy to shop for sex toys online and find something you will both be comfortable with, which can then be delivered discreetly to your home. From waterproof vibrators that can be used in a shared shower, to dual sex toys that stimulate both partners, adult toys come in a wide array of styles, designs, and preferences. Check out toys offered at shops like Adore Me More to learn more.

Try New Locations

Sometimes the novelty of a new location is all it takes to make sex feel novel and exciting again. Instead of the bed, suggest sex on the kitchen counter, the couch, or even in the car to really shake things up. If you want to splurge, checking into a nice hotel with a big, luxurious bed for the weekend can be a great way to reignite your sexual relationship and remind each other that your relationship deserves special attention.

Take a Slow Burn Approach

Remember how exciting things were when you were first dating and hadn't had sex yet? Every kiss and touch were charged with electricity and the unknown. You can recapture this sexually exciting feeling by taking a slow burn approach instead of rushing to take your clothes off. Start the day by kissing your partner goodbye a little more slowly and sensually than usual.

Send flirtatious texts throughout the day. Greet them with a surprise massage when they come home. Interrupt dinner preparations with a quick makeout session. By the time you finally get around to having sex, you will both be overcome with reignited passion.

Set the Mood

It can be difficult to get in a sexy mood when there are kids yelling in the background, a TV blaring, and a sink full of dishes. Spending time creating a more pleasant and sensual environment can go a long way toward making life feel more sexually charged. Get a babysitter for a night or the whole weekend, clear away the clutter, replace television background noise with music, and light a few candles.

Change into an outfit that makes you feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin, whether it's new lingerie or a cute sundress. You may be surprised by how easily these small changes lead to a more sexually charged mood in your home.

Consider Seeing a Sex Therapist

Sometimes the reasons for a sexual lull or sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship run a bit deeper, and in these cases it can be very helpful to discuss your relationship with a sex therapist. For example, perhaps one partner has a much higher libido than the other, one partner has lost interest in sex for emotional reasons, or there is an infidelity in your past that is leading to a lack of intimacy.

Sex therapists are skilled at helping couples navigate these issues, communicate their sexual needs in a safe, neutral space, and find ways to bridge the gap and regain sexual excitement and closeness.

By working to find fun, creative ways to spice up your sex life with your partner, you demonstrate that a happy and more intimate relationship is a priority.