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3 Tips For Buying A Used Welder

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Welding is a process that is included in many manufacturing and fabricating projects. Access to your own welder will give you the ability to complete all of your weldings in-house, helping you reduce project completion time and save money. If a new welder isn’t in your budget, you should consider a quality used welder instead. Buying a used welder can be beneficial if you ensure you are investing in a unit that has been cared for by the previous owner. Read More»

Demand Respect And Separate Business From Pleasure

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There is a time and a place for joking around and making people laugh, but you may have used this strategy in the workplace and are now paying the price for your actions. Respect is earned and your demeanor speaks a lot about what type of business you are trying to operate. If your employees’ production rates have plummeted or if your salesforce isn’t pulling in as many sales as you expect, an executive leadership coaching program can guide you in making positive changes. Read More»

Ways CBD Oil Can Help You

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When most people think of CBD, they think of marijuana. It is a natural assumption that the two are the same, as they are from the same plant, but CBD oils and the like have no THC in them, which is what produces the “high” of marijuana. And CBD oil, in fact, can be used medicinally to treat and help a number of ailments that you might suffer from. Get to know some of the ways that CBD oil can help you. Read More»

Top Benefits of Virtual Home Inspections

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When you think about having a home inspection done, such as if you are in the process of building or buying a home, then you might think about a traditional home inspection. Typically, this involves calling a certified home inspector and scheduling an appointment for them to come out to the home. Then, the inspector will typically spend several hours inspecting the home and will write up a report. However, there are new ways of having home inspections done. Read More»

3 Fun Uses For Snow Cone Machines

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When you pass a snow cone machine at your local kitchen store, you might wonder whether or not you would get the use out of that system you would need to justify the purchase. While many people are shy about moving forward with purchasing a snow cone machine, investing in one is a great way to have a little fun during the warmer months. Here are three fun uses for snow cone machines and why you should think about getting one of your own. Read More»

3 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean to Combat COVID-19

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Restaurants are slowly opening around the country as stay-at-home orders are being lifted. However, that doesn’t mean that business is completely back to normal. Restaurant owners now need to work to keep their business extra clean throughout the day and deep clean their restaurants every night. This requires a different level of cleanliness for businesses that already worked to stay as clean as possible. Tip #1: Deep Clean Everything Before you open your restaurant back to the public, deep clean the entire restaurant. Read More»

Tips For Shipping T-Shirts For Your Business

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In this day and age, you’ve got to have your merch together if you are hoping to make an impact. Whether you are a band that tours on a regular basis or a YouTuber that is trying to monetize your channel, you can’t go wrong putting together some quality merchandise. T-shirts are always a great way to brand yourself and sell to the public.  However, you need to make certain that you have the equipment and supplies that will help you out in this regard. Read More»

What To Know When You Use A Pawn Shop To Get The Cash You Need

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Are you in a situation where you need cash right now but you don’t have it on hand? If so, you may have to go to a pawn shop to get some cash for selling some of your stuff. Here are some questions about using a pawn shop in this financial situation. How Do Pawn Shops Work? You may be wondering how pawn shops even work, which is why it helps to have an overview of the process. Read More»