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3 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Clean to Combat COVID-19

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Restaurants are slowly opening around the country as stay-at-home orders are being lifted. However, that doesn't mean that business is completely back to normal. Restaurant owners now need to work to keep their business extra clean throughout the day and deep clean their restaurants every night. This requires a different level of cleanliness for businesses that already worked to stay as clean as possible.

Tip #1: Deep Clean Everything

Before you open your restaurant back to the public, deep clean the entire restaurant. This means cleaning every part of your restaurant, from the ceiling and walls to the top of the furniture and the top of the shelving.

For people to believe that you are cleaning common touchpoints frequently, such as door handles, they need to see that the rest of your restaurant is clean. Deep cleaning every aspect of your restaurant will show your customers that you take current procedures seriously.

Tip #2: Get Rid of Touchpoints

Second, get rid of touchpoints in your restaurant. The fewer touchpoints you have, the fewer areas you need to clean throughout the day. For example, in your bathroom, install touchless paper towel dispensers and touchless soap dispensers. At your tables, provide people with individual packets for condiments or in little self-serve cups. Get rid of the condiment containers and salt and pepper shakers help reduce the areas where disease can spread.

Tip #3: Change Daily Cleaning Areas

Third, change the way that you clean your restaurant. For example, when a table is cleared, you need to do more than pick up the plates and cups and wipe off the table. You need to clean the table and wipe down the entire area. For example, you need to wipe down the chairs and walls in the booth. You may even want to mop under the table as well. You will need to spend more time cleaning each area after a customer leaves.

Other customers will be watching and making sure you are keeping things clean. Thus, you should either have someone whose only job is to clean or you need to assign cleaning tasks to your servers, dishwashers, and hostesses. 

You don't have to work to keep your restaurant clean on your own; instead, you can work with a cleaning company. They can come into your restaurant each night and deep clean it. If your restaurant has any COVID-19 cases, you can also hire a company to come in and sterilize your restaurant to avoid future cases. You can learn more about your options by contacting COVID-19 deep cleaning restaurant companies.