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Demand Respect And Separate Business From Pleasure

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There is a time and a place for joking around and making people laugh, but you may have used this strategy in the workplace and are now paying the price for your actions. Respect is earned and your demeanor speaks a lot about what type of business you are trying to operate. If your employees' production rates have plummeted or if your salesforce isn't pulling in as many sales as you expect, an executive leadership coaching program can guide you in making positive changes.

Work On Your Attitude And Make Some Changes

It wouldn't be natural to go from laughing a lot to becoming a serious and strict employer, and this type of turnaround could confuse your employees or cause them to feel angry. If you have difficulty with being assertive, you will learn ways to implement boundaries during an executive leadership program.

You may be instructed to type up a list of rules that you would like everyone to follow or you may be prompted to be frank about what you have been noticing and to verbalize your concerns during a business meeting. When you broach the topic of acting too casual in the workplace, you can state that you will continue to share enjoyable moments with your employees, but only after all of the work has been completed for the day or during breaks, holiday parties, and other informal occasions.

Use Incentives And Lead By Example

How are you handling salaries that are owed to your workers and have you been responsive when someone follows your work orders or goes above and beyond what is expected of them? Your coach may advise you to give back to your workers by implementing an incentive program. With incentives as an option, your employees may buckle down and attempt to meet production rates each day or provide stellar service during appointments with potential or existing customers.

Tabulate the outcome of each incentive program to determine if this method is working to get your business back on track. Keep things fresh by trying different incentives during each season of the year. Lead by example by pitching in during busy rushes or by demonstrating a professional attitude whenever a customer enters the premises.

These actions will demonstrate that you are conscientious of your presence around others. Your employees may begin to follow the same practices, which will aid with keeping a professional appearance during operating hours.