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When To Assign A Task To A Virtual Assistant

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Using online offices services or virtual assistant companies to help get work done has become one of the top ways for small businesses to streamline their operations and work more efficiently. However, deciding which projects need to go to an office service if you don't have one dedicated virtual assistant depends on what you need the final project to look like. In most cases, using a virtual assistant is the best path to take. But there are a few times when you may want to do the work yourself.

How Soon Do You Need It Done?

If you have something that needs to be done now and that can't wait at all, you can certainly try sending it to a virtual assistant. This is the best option if you know there is someone available to handle it right then. But if you're not sure, you may want to hang onto it and do it yourself if you are not already swamped with work, simply because you know there will be no waiting.

Your chances of being able to send it to a virtual assistant increase, though, if you contract with a company that has several assistants on staff. That increases the chances that someone will be available to do that work right then and there.

How Consistent Does the Project Have to Be With Others You've Done?

If this project is part of a long-term series where all of the projects have to be consistent with each other, that's something you either want to keep in house and give to the same people who worked on the previous ones, or it's something where you want to discuss reserving online office services for each project coming up in that series. Talk to the office service company about how it handles priority projects that need to be done by the same person. You may be able to get a contract that says one specific assistant there will take over all of the upcoming projects.

How Much Input Does the Project Still Need From Your Office?

How much input will you still need from other people in your office? If getting the project done requires a lot of collaboration from people in your office, then keep it in house so that you're not playing phone tag with the virtual assistant. Get the co-worker collaboration over with before you send the project anywhere else.

What you may want to do is ask the office services company how quickly they can jump on a project, and if they ever have backlogs. That will help you narrow down which company to go with because you want to work with one that can take on projects immediately, allowing you to continue working without delay.

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