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Buying An Electric Transfer Switch

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A manual transfer switch is very useful when your home has experienced a blackout when you are using a generator. Simply use the manual transfer switch to determine which circuits you would like to direct power to. When hunting for the right manual transfer switch, there are several things you will want to look for.

Operating The Manual Transfer Switch

When a power to an electrical utility is interrupted, you will move the generator close to the inlet box. The generator is started first before any load is connected to it. The power cord is used to connect the generator to the inlet box. Then, the generator is ready to supply power. You will then move to the transfer switch and move the utility supply to the 'off' position. 

Sizing The Transfer Switch

You must size your manual transfer switch. In order you determine how much it will need to be sized, look at the size of your power cord. If your cord is 40-amp, you will need a 40-amp transfer switch. The amperage of the power cord you will need is based on how much electricity the appliances will use. Also, the shorter the length of the power cord, the better. Fortunately, most machines will list the amount of amperage they need. There is usually a sticker or plate located on the appliance.

Choosing The Mounting Kit

You will need to choose between one of two mounting kits. One version installs on a wall. However, this can be an eyesore and is best suited for certain types of rooms. A more expensive and more challenging, but more stylish, option is to recess the transfer switch. The switch can be inset into the drywall with two studs. 

Using A Wattage Meter

One of the useful things about mounting kits is that they often come with wattage meters that keep track of everything that is powered. They allow you to prevent overloading your system and causing damage to appliances. If a transfer switch does not come with a wattage meter, you may want to consider a different model.

Know how many circuits you would like to power. The stronger your generator, the more circuits that you can power. Also, determine if you have a unique installation, because you will need to use a transfer switch that has interchangeable breakers so that you can customize the transfer switch to your individual needs. Click here for more info.