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A Printer Can Help With Your Packing Needs

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If you are going to be storing your items in a storage unit then you want to make sure you store them in a way that makes them easy for you to unpack once you remove them from the unit and that keeps them in good shape. A printer, some printer, some printer ink and paper can really make a world of difference when it comes to storing your items and you can learn some of the reasons why here:

You can print a packing chart

One of the easiest and most efficient ways for you to pack is to make a packing chart that gives each of the boxes a designated number and then lists the content inside of that box. Then, you can write that number on the box itself. This makes it extremely easy for you to look inside of the storage unit and quickly be able to tell what is inside of every box you see before you. For example, on your packing chart you may see that box "12" has all of your bathroom supplies and products. If you end up needing to get at your curling iron while your things are in the unit then you can look for box b=number 12 and you will find it packed inside of that box.

You can print pictures for boxes that have a lot of miscellaneous items

Let's face it, if you are like most people you have certain drawers in your home that are full of a lot of what some people would refer to as "junk". This can include things like stray rubber bands, paper clips, pads of paper, local business cards, wrapped straws from fast food places and many other items. It would take a long time to sit down and list every item in your "junk" drawer on a packing chart, or even on the box itself. However, you can spread the items out and take a good picture of them. Have the picture printed out and simply tape it to the outside of the box. Now you will know everything the box has inside of it simply by taking a look at the picture.

You can print pictures for all of your fragile things

When you mark your boxes with the word "fragile" it tends to do very little with regards to making other people be any more careful with your items when they are helping you put them in storage. The word fragile has become so overused that people no longer take it serious and this can lead to a lot of broken things when you go to unpack. However, taping a large picture of the fragile item and then labelling it as fragile may make all the difference. When they see the word and then they see a picture of a gorgeous set of crystal staring back at them, they tend to move a little slower with that box and take extra care in how they handle it in general.

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