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New E-Commerce Business Selling Golf Clubs? Tips for Choosing the Right Shipping Tubes for Your Clubs

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When the National Golf Foundation conducted their most recent survey of golfers in 2013, they found that over 25 million people over the age of 6 play golf in the United States. It is estimated that golfers all over the world spend about 68 billion dollars each year playing their favorite game. That means that if you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business selling golf clubs and other supplies, it may be a great idea. While there are many factors that go into building a thriving e-commerce business selling golf clubs, learning how to ship your clubs to the customers who buy them in a way that ensures they arrive at their destinations in great condition is a very important one. 

Many shipping professionals advise businesses to use shipping tubes when shipping golf clubs to customers. Of course, before ordering the shipping tubes you will ship each club you sell in, you will want to measure the total length of the club and the diameter of it, including the driver. However, the length and diameter of the shipping tube you choose for each club will not be the only decision you have to make when choosing your tubes, because tubes come in several materials, shapes, and even colors. 

Read on to learn how to choose the right shipping tube for each golf club you sell and how to use your clubs' tubes to help promote your brand: 

Choose the Right Shipping Tube Material to Protect Clubs from Damage

Shipping tube material options include lightweight cardboard, heavy-duty cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and plastic. Of course, lightweight shipping tubes are not an option when shipping golf clubs, because they are typically not durable enough to withstand the weight of a golf club during the shipping process. Heavy-duty and corrugated cardboard tubes are good options when shipping clubs short distances, but ensure that the cardboard is covered with a waterproof liner to keep the club from getting wet during the shipping process. 

When shipping clubs longer distances, especially if you plan to ship internationally, then solid plastic shipping tubes are a better choice. They offer additional sturdiness to protect clubs from damage during the shipping process and plastic protects the clubs from the elements, especially rain, much more than cardboard tubes with wax liners do. 

Take Club Dimensions into Consideration When Choosing Tube Shape

The main three shipping tube shapes include: round, square, and triangular. There is no one shipping tube shape that is best for all of your clubs. When choosing the shape you ship each club in, take the club dimensions into account after you cover each club in two layers of bubble wrap and a polyethylene bag. You want a tube that offers just enough space for your club and its packaging materials while leaving as little "wiggle room" as possible above and around it to avoid damage during the shipping process. Once you measure each club in its polyethylene bag, choose the tube shape that most closely matches its dimensions among the options that your shipping tube provider offers. 

Use Shipping Tube Colors to Promote Your Brand

The final option you will have when choosing the shipping tube for each club is the color of the tube. Surprisingly, the choice you make may be more important than you think. The color of your product's shipping tube sends a message about your business, since all colors stimulate the brain in different ways. It is important to use color psychology to your advantage in business every way you can.

For example, if you would like customers to see your business as eco-friendly, along with taking steps to communicate your commitment to the environment with your brand's actions, you should also choose green shipping tubes for your golf clubs. If you would like others to see your brand as innovative, then magenta is a great color choice for your shipping tubes. 

It can also help you brand to have shipping tubes created that display your company's logo on them, and you can find shipping tube manufacturers that offer custom color shipping tubes that are created just for your business. 

If you are planning to start a business selling golf clubs online, then keep these golf club shipping tube tips in mind when choosing the tubes you will ship your clubs in to ensure your clubs get to your customers in great shape and they remember your business next time they need new clubs.