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3 Reasons Your Hobby Farm Does Need Farm Insurance

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With just a few animals and just enough crops to yield you a little profit, you may scoff at the idea of getting business insurance for your hobby farm. However, if your hobby farm required an investment and that investment is valuable to you, farm insurance is definitely a wise decision, even though it is an expense. Your average homeowner's insurance will not pick up the tab if something goes wrong with your farming endeavors, so you definitely need a backup plan in place. Take a look at three reasons why your hobby farm does need farm insurance:

Having livestock can mean you could be held liable for accidental damages. 

If you live in a rural area, you already know that some livestock is hard to contain. In fact, it is not uncommon for everything from chickens to cattle to make their way out of what you think is a secure enclosure. If one of our animals makes its way out into the roadway and causes an accident, you could be faced with replacing a vehicle, paying for medical bills, and a whole list of other costs. These costs would be covered with farm insurance, so you can rest easy knowing you have that line of protection when your animals are not always so easy to keep in place. 

Producing food can leave you liable for illnesses of your customers. 

Imagine this: Your small hobby farm grows primarily heirloom tomatoes that you sell at the local farmer's market when they are in season. Unfortunately, you inadvertently sell a batch of tomatoes to customers that have been contaminated with bacteria and a bunch of people get really sick. If this happens to you or anything similar, you could be held responsible for paying for all of those personal injury claims that could arise. 

Using chemicals on your farm can cause problems with local water supplies. 

A lot of rural communities rely on natural groundwater supplies for their own private use and for use on their own farms or crops. If you use chemicals on your hobby farm to fertilize crops or work on pest control and these chemicals leak into the water supply, it can create a lot of problems, from illness to contamination of organic properties. These are not going to be expenses you will want to solely be responsible for paying for on your own, which is why it is important to have insurance. 

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