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Golf Course Maintenance and Planning: Keeping Your Greens Green

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Having immaculate turf is part of making your golf course inviting to guests. Maintaining your golf course grounds does take a considerable amount of work, but with the right plan, you can keep your greens looking their lush, vibrant best. Here are a few tips you can use as you consider your golf course maintenance plan for the year and add beauty with new additions to the grounds.

Set Sprinkler Timers

Watering the turf by hand is too labor-intensive, and it doesn't always yield consistent results. Instead, opt for a sprinkler system like Turf Control that allows for automatic irrigation. The sprinkler system should have timers so you can control when the water is released. You won't want to douse your players in water during a round of golf, so consider more convenient timing for irrigation. Watering the turf in the evening means that the water might not evaporate as fast is it can during the hot sun, and it also means that you can leave the grass dry for people enjoying their tee times.

Strategize Your Mowing

Your'll want a mixture of grass heights throughout your course to make it challenging as well as playable. Work with your landscaping crew to determine the grass heights near each hole. For example, areas you have designated as roughs will require higher grass, while fairways may have shorter grass to aid with stroke quality. Once you have your heights determined, work out a schedule to ensure that each section of your golf course is mowed for consistency between holes.

Plan For Landscaping

Part of keeping your golf course lush and vibrant is planning for landscaping elements. Some elements may come in the form of challenging course obstacles, while others may be beautiful additions to the area around the course. Create stunning water hazards with man-made ponds, and have your landscaping crew shape sand traps to create a unique look while also making the game just a bit more difficult. Be sure that trees are strategically chosen and placed before planting. Some trees may grow too tall to be a successful part of your landscaping, while others may not fare well with accidental hits from golf balls. You can consult with a landscaping design firm to ensure all of the elements of your golf course are successful and inviting.

Knowing what the people who use your golf course think can provide essential feedback you can use when caring for your golf course grounds. Consider asking your most valuable customers for their opinions, and use them as you craft your golf course maintenance and setup plan.