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Hiring Electrical Engineers

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Electrical engineers are always in demand, and if you're looking for the best, you probably realize other companies are too. If you're serious about hiring smart, qualified engineers and bringing them into your business, consider the following.

Know What You Want

The better you are about outlining your needs, the more likely it is that the right engineers walk through your door. Discuss with managers who the perfect candidates would be. Do they have years of experience in your industry or do they have specialized experience with certain machinery or programming languages, for instance?

You should also consider more than their technical abilities when thinking of engineers you want. You should also have some requirements in place for how well they work in teams and whether they speak more than one language, particularly if you have international clients or offices. When you have a clear set of qualities you're looking for, or when you search electrical engineer resumes should be more fruitful.

Empower Current Employees

Your current employees can be valuable resources when you need more engineers. Some of the best workers you have may know others who could be suitable. Empower them to do some soft-recruiting on your company's behalf, and encourage them to pass resumes your way. When spots open up in your company, you can search engineer resumes that have been pre-vetted. After going through a rigorous interview process, you may end up hiring engineers that were suggested by colleagues or friends.

Talk with Recruiters

Recruiters usually form their own networks and make their own contacts to come up with multiple engineer resumes that you can search and analyze. They may do their own weeding out process so that the candidates whose resumes you see are qualified and ready to jump into a position with your business.

Do Post-Interview Surveys

You may end up interviewing many people for open engineer positions and make an offer to a few of them. However, there will be times when you're turned down. If this happens, attempt a post-interview survey or interview to find out why they did not accept a position. It could be that your company didn't offer enough benefits or a high enough salary; knowing that can help you change your offers in the future.

These engineer-recruiting suggestions can help you hire the brightest and best in the field. Work with employment professionals, your own employees and others to find suitable electrical engineers for your company.