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4 Ways To Simplify Your Home Maintenance

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Do you feel like you're always running around trying to complete home maintenance projects — but that you're always a step behind with more projects to tackle than you have time for? Home maintenance should not rule your life. Here are some simple ways to simplify your home maintenance routine so you can focus on other things. 

1. Pay for a filter subscription service.

Remembering to change the air filter is the single best thing you can do for your HVAC system, and regular filter changes also keep your home cleaner and smelling fresher. However, many people forget this task because going to the store to buy a new air filter each month takes a lot of time for such a simple task. Enrolling in an air filter subscription service will help immensely. They will deliver a new filter to your home every one, two, or three months based on the needs of your system. You can select the type of filter best for you, depending on whether or not you have pets or allergy-sufferers in your home.

2. Assign tasks to various family members.

Even if you're the one who generally oversees home maintenance, you can simplify your life by assigning various tasks to other family members. Maybe one of your teenagers can be responsible for checking and changing all smoke detector batteries and light bulbs in the home. Maybe your spouse will happily take over mowing the lawn. Sit down and make a list of all household maintenance tasks, and then assign them to a capable household member.

3. Buy better-quality items.

This is a tip you will have to implement over time. If you do, it will slowly pay off. Start buying better quality items whenever you need to update or replace something. For instance, when the vacuum fails, buy one with a larger capacity; you'll have to empty it less often. Spring for the higher-end thermostat that plugs in rather than running on batteries, so you never have to change the batteries again. 

4. Dedicate a day to home maintenance.

This one will help you avoid feeling like you spend all day, every day doing home maintenance. Dedicate one day in your schedule each week to home maintenance tasks. Unless it is an emergency, make it wait until that day. This way, you can remain more focused on other aspects of life during your non-home-maintenance days.