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Baby Gift Ideas For An Outdoorsy Mom

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Is your favorite outdoorswoman expecting her first baby and you aren't sure what to get her? Perhaps the usual baby shower offerings don't seem like a good match for the adventurous lass, with their typical focus on domestic, childish, or overtly feminine designs. Never fear! There are plenty of useful items you can find that will match both her personal style and her lifestyle. With the right gift, you can help your friend introduce her new baby to the outdoor passions she adores.

Off-road strollers

If you are planning to go big with your gift, consider one of the durable off-road strollers on the market. Look for one that's lightweight with a narrow wheelbase that can easily fit onto narrow trails, a shock system to cushion the baby, and off-road tires that can handle the roughest terrain. Modern off-road strollers are designed to quickly go from urban sidewalks to front country trailheads so that neither mom nor baby has to miss out on any fun in the woods.

Combination carrier packs

One issue many outdoorsy parents run into is toting baby and gear on backcountry adventures. If you wear a baby carrier, then who carries bottles, food, and other necessary items? Fortunately, designs in baby carriers have come a long way. Many of the top gear manufacturers for backpacks now also make baby carriers with the hiker or hunter in mind. These don't just have a place to tote the baby, but they also have additional pockets for needed gear items. Better yet, they are designed to help distribute the weight well, even with a squirming infant, so you can still hike in comfort.

Diaper survival bags

Most outdoorswomen appreciate a good survival kit or gear item, so why not make sure their diaper bag is just as useful? Start by ignoring the frills or cutesy cartoon characters on many diaper bags and instead opt for one made from quality outdoor fabrics in a more understated design, such as a camo style diaper bag. As a bonus, dad probably won't mind when it's his turn to tote the supplies. Choose one that is streamlined so it fits close the body without being bulky while still providing ample pockets for baby gear storage. Include a lightweight and tightly rolling diaper changing mat to make trail-side diaper changes even easier.

Having a new baby is no reason for a new mom to give up her love of the outdoors. Give her the gift of the right gear to match her active mom lifestyle.