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Why Mini Herefords Are A Good Breed For Your Family Farm

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If you've moved to a small farm and you want to grow your own food and raise your kids around animals, you're probably thinking about getting a few cows. You may want to consider the mini Hereford breed. These cows are small, so they're perfect for a smaller farm and for kids to care for. However, they are ranching cows in every other sense and they can be sold for food or butchered for your own use. Here are some reasons for choosing the mini Hereford, such as from bigtminiatureherefords, for your family farm.

Mini Herefords Have Friendly Personalities

Big cows aren't necessarily aggressive, but they aren't always friendly and compliant either. It can be difficult to get a big cow to do what you want because of their size and weight. Miniature Herefords are known for their friendly personalities that make them easier to control. These cows even make good pets for kids, but you'll have to weigh if that's a good idea if you intend to raise the cows for food.

Smaller Cows Eat Less And Need Less Room

Once you've found a place that has mini Herefords for sale, you'll probably notice that they cost more than full-size cows. However, you'll make up that extra cost in savings in the coming years. Mini cows eat less food and that can save a lot of money. They are also more gentle on your pasture, so you'll have fewer repairs to make on the land, fences, and your farm buildings. Mini cows need less space so it's easier to contain and care for them.

Mini Cows Are Perfect For Homesteading Life

A small Hereford cow may produce just the right amount of meat for your family so there is no waste and no excess food that sits too long in the freezer. Raising these cows is much easier than having large cows roaming around, and due to their peaceful nature, they're an enjoyable addition to your farm. The calves are small and easy to handle, so they're great animals for kids to work with and care for. Even your young children can show a mini Hereford for 4-H, and they are a good animal for teaching your kids the ways of farm life and being self-sustainable.

However, mini Herefords may not be easy to find. You'll need to locate a breeder and choose the size of mini cow you want on your farm. Although you may have to hunt down the perfect cows, it's worth it to have these animals share your farm and nourish your family. The meat from mini Herefords is often more tender than traditional steaks, so these cows are in demand and a good choice if you just want a few cows or your homestead or if you want to raise them for income.