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3 Questions About Residential Air Ionization Units

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Have you been working from home for far too long and constantly feel like you need to step outside to get fresh air? That's because the air inside your home may not actually be that fresh, making it not just something you say when you want to get outdoors. You could be breathing in the allergens and bacteria that just recycle through your home all day long, which can have an impact on your health as well. That's why a residential air ionization unit can be the key to helping you breathe better air throughout the day. Here are some questions you likely have about air ionization so that you can better understand it. 

How Does Air Ionization Work?

All the air that travels through your HVAC system will pass over special ionization tubes. These tubes work to convert the oxygen molecules in the air into negatives and positively charged ions. Once the air leaves the ductwork and enters the room, they fill the space in your rooms and seek out bad air particles with an opposite charge. The ions combine with those particles and cause them to break down, which then causes the particles to fall out of the zone of air that you are regularly breathing. The results in the air that you take in are cleaner and better for you, which makes you healthier as a result.

How Can You Tell Air Ionization Works?

If you have doubts about the quality of the air that is being produced by your residential air ionization unit, it is possible to measure the air quality in your home to see how the air ionization unit is working. You'll be able to see things like VOC levels drop from the air quality reports, and know exactly how much of an effect it has. In addition, air ionization works to combat odors in the air as well. You may even be able to smell the quality of the air and sense that it is better for yourself. 

What Is The Benefit Of A Residential Unit? 

If you're wondering why you would not be better off installing a small air ionization unit in the room where you work, know that it is not going to be nearly as effective as a whole-home residential unit. That is because you are not waiting for the air to reach the ionization unit to be ionized, since all the air in your home is treated.