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Regular Fire Extinguisher Recharging Will Keep Your Business Safe

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Just about every business keeps at least one fire extinguisher on hand, and depending on what kind of business you have, you may even be required to keep extinguishers on-site as part of your fire safety plan. But simply having an extinguisher on site is not enough. You should get your extinguishers professionally inspected and also recharged from time to time. Here's why fire extinguisher recharging is so important and some situations where you should consider contacting a local company that can provide this service.

A Fire Extinguisher That's Not Fully Charged May Have Lower Pressure

A fire extinguisher works by sending out its fire-fighting foam with an intense amount of speed and force. In order for the extinguisher to work properly, each extinguisher must be maintained at a specific temperature. But when a temperature is partially discharged, that pressure can drop. Even a small drop in pressure may make your extinguisher must less effective at putting out a fire than it would be if it was fully charged. Regular fire extinguisher recharging is key if you want to give your employees peace of mind and a fighting chance if a fire should ever actually occur.

Recharge After Even the Smallest Discharge or Loss in Pressure

Every extinguisher you own should be kept fully charged at all times in order to ensure maximum pressure. If an extinguisher is used to fight a small fire, don't think the remaining foam will be enough to tackle the next incident. Always recharge every extinguisher after every use, even if it won't take much to top it off.

Also, consider that sometimes a fire extinguisher can have a small accidental discharge or suffer a slight drop in pressure even without a discharge. If your most recent inspection indicates that a problem like this has occurred, you should get your extinguisher restored to like-new condition as soon as possible.

Recharge After the Inspection, Too

While a regular fire extinguisher inspection from a professional is a key part of your fire safety plan, you should note that the inspection itself may be a reason to consider getting a recharge. This is because the extinguisher inspector may sometimes intentionally discharge a small bit of the extinguisher in order to ensure it is working. But even this small amount of discharge should be replaced by a professional service if you want to ensure maximum efficiency whenever it comes time to fight a real fire.

Contact a fire extinguisher recharging service near you to learn more about the process.