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3 Reasons To Order a Customized Mezzanine Lift

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If you have a mezzanine floor in your facility, then you might be thinking about installing a lift. A lift can help you get things between floors quickly and easily without taking up much working time or effort.

While standard lifts work well in some locations, they aren't always a perfect fit for others. If you can't find the lift you want, then you can look at customized products.

When might a customized mezzanine lift be the best solution?

1. You Have an Unusual Travel Height

Standard mezzanine lifts work to a set range of heights. While these heights are fine if your floor level matches them, they won't work for you if your mezzanine is higher than the norm.

For example, if your mezzanine is taller than regular travel heights, then a standard lift simply won't work. It won't reach the upper floor.

With these situations, you can order a custom-built lift that has a higher travel height. Your manufacturer can tailor the lift to fit your space requirements.

2. You Need a Bigger Platform Size

If you'll use your mezzanine lift regularly, then you want it to work as efficiently as possible. You want to have enough space to move things up and down between floors without having to make too many trips.

Some regular lifts have small platform sizes. You might not be able to load them up with everything you need to move in one trip.

Plus, if you'll move larger items, then they might not fit on a smaller platform at all. You won't be able to use the lift to move them.

If you have space, then you can order a lift with a larger platform. A larger base allows you to carry more items or larger ones more easily.

3. You Need More Stops

Most mezzanine lifts have two stops. The first is the floor; the second is the mezzanine. This system works fine in most buildings; however, it won't help you if you want to use the lift in more positions.

For example, if you have storage units on your mezzanine floor, then it might help to have an extra stop at a higher level than this floor. You could load or offload items directly from their storage space rather than having to take them to floor level before you can move them.

Your manufacturer can add more stops if you need them. This makes your lift more flexible and useful.

To find out more about these and other adaptations, contact customized mezzanine lift specialists.