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Reasons To Use Custom Cardboard Mailing Tubes

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If you want to ship with mailing tubes, then you may want to consider custom cardboard tubes. Cardboard offers many benefits for shipping any item that needs a tube-like container. And, a custom mailing tube can promote your business and please your customers. Continue reading to learn more about custom cardboard mailing tubes and their benefits.

Benefits of Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Cardboard tubes are the go-to choice for a variety of mailing projects. They have versatile personal and business benefits. Here are some of the reasons to use cardboard mailing tubes.


Since cardboard is essentially thick paper, they are recyclable and break down. Plus, wood pulp for paper is a renewable resource.


Cardboard tubes can be very lightweight and easy to transport. Less weight also means less shipping costs.


You can customize your mailing tube to match your needs. You can also change the thickness and design of your tube to match your needs.


Cardboard mailing tubes are not only lightweight but also sturdy. They can be thick enough to keep out the elements.

Types of Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Cardboard mailing tubes come in many different shapes and sizes. Not only can you choose the traditional round shape, but you can also choose squares and triangles. Some tubes close up differently. You can have tubes that crimp close or ones that use a canister-like lid. You can also have telescoping tubes.

Uses of Cardboard Mailing Tubes

One of the most common uses for cardboard mailing tubes is for documents and flat artwork. However, with all the shape and size options available, you can do much more with them. For example, square and triangle mailers work great for small parts that need to lay flat. Telescoping tubes let you adjust the tube size to match its contents.

Reasons to Customize Your Mailing Tubes

Customizing your mailing tubes is a great idea for any business or individual. In addition to customized sizes, you can print a personalized design on the outside. Use your business logo or other design to make your package stand out. If you are sending an individual gift, customizing the outside can be part of the gift.

If you are a company that needs a specialized mailing container, then consider ordering custom mailing tubes. If you do a lot of shipping, then you can often buy in bulk. Cardboard tubes offer many benefits, and you can custom order their size, thickness, and color. For more information about custom mailing tubes, contact a shipping supply company to see what they offer.