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Frequent Questions About Substance Abuse Treatment

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If you are thinking about seeing a substance abuse provider for treatment, you are certain to have questions. It's normal to have concerns about your treatment options and what you need to do to get that treatment. You might even be unsure why treatment is the best option in the first place.

The answers to these questions will help you find a substance abuse treatment provider.

Is Substance Abuse Treatment Worth the Price?

You may wonder about the costs of substance abuse treatment, as this is a common concern. Substance abuse treatment can be worth the cost, especially when the other option is incarceration, losing your job, or harming your family.

Does Substance Abuse Treatment Work?

Substance abuse and addiction treatment are effective, but it is important to note that there are different types of treatment. One method is not going to be as beneficial as another. Treatment can manage your cravings and desire to use, which can make your recovery journey easier.

Substance abuse treatment is much more effective when it gets to the root of the problem. When you treat trauma and other serious issues, you can remedy some of the emotional and psychological concerns that make a recovery journey more difficult.

Is a 12-Step Group Enough?

For some people, 12-step treatments are more than enough to initiate recovery success, but this is not always the case. You may find that therapy is the ideal solution, or you may benefit from medication-assisted therapy to manage the physical symptoms.

What Types of Substance Abuse Treatments Are Available?

Medication-assisted therapy is one type of therapy available to manage symptoms and cravings. Your doctor may recommend that you receive medication as a way to avoid feeling the craving to use. As you manage your physical symptoms, you can turn to other treatment options to remedy other issues.

You might also consider behavioral therapy. Therapy can help you adjust your mindset and learn healthy coping skills rather than unhealthy mechanisms that do not provide the support you need to see improvement in your life. Individual and group therapy are both helpful ways to build support and understanding of substance abuse and addiction.

How Can You Get Treatment?

The best way to get treatment is to speak with a provider who understands your needs and goals for recovery. You can make a big difference by speaking with a substance abuse professional provider who can help you establish a treatment plan.